• Julia

Top 5 Affordable Vegan Restaurants in London

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Finding vegan eateries is no longer a challenge. Thanks to the widespread acceptance of the benefits of a vegan diet for health and for reducing animal suffering, nowadays more people are looking for vegan places to go and eat. Well, the good news is that you won’t be short of options in London. And the better news? Most of them offer food for really cheap and affordable prices. Here is A Lush Idea guide to the classy yet affordable vegan restaurants in London:

1. Mildreds

Mildreds is without a doubt one of the best restaurants in London! The food is borderline sublime. Mildreds was established in 1988 by Diane Thomas and Jane Muir in Greek Street in Soho. Mildreds relocated to 45 Lexington Street and now has branches in Camden, Kings Cross, and Dalston. The restaurant works on a no booking basis, yet besides the Soho branch, you can usually get a table straight away. In Mildreds Soho you may have to wait for up to an hour, but there is a bar where you can spend quality time with quality drinks and snacks. The menu is mostly vegan, with vegetarian options available for some of the foods (so Mildreds is not, unfortunately, 100% cruelty-free). Mildreds prides itself for having a multinational menu: Mexican bean burger, Sri Lankan curry, and Japanese smoked tofu, to name but a few. The atmosphere is calm, modern, and friendly, though it can be a bit noisy. Their takeaway menu offers an affordable selection of foods as cheap as £2.50 and a variety of dishes including gyoza dumplings, grilled aubergine, mock chicken, and vegan burgers. Mildreds offers many of its main dishes as a take-away option for the unbeatable price of £10.

2. What The Pitta

At the heart of Camden Town, hidden on the less-visited Bayham St, What The Pitta’s name has travelled fast and far. 100% meat-free, What The Pitta started as a vegan donor kebab shop. They have branches at Boxpark Croydon and Boxpark Shoreditch as well. Whether you are after properly-made falafel wraps or superbly mixed mezzes with hummus and tzatziki, What The Pitta does not disappoint. And their vegan döner, of course, which is their signature dish! Want something for dessert? Do not forget to get a delicious vegan baklava to go. If you are a student, make sure you take your student ID with you for a discounted price.

3. Vegan Yes

A fusion of Korean and Italian cuisine, Vegan Yes has managed to create a unique and appetising menu. They have two stores, one at hip Brick Lane amongst the multicoloured street arts, and another on Seven Sisters road. Their kimchi lasagne and vegan Bolognese lasagne are extremely tasty. Vegan Yes have put healthiness at the centre of their food mantra, so be ready for a good portion of flavoursome vegetables such as seaweed and baby spinach. They have a good collection of vegan beers and wines to go with your food. Their dessert menu is limited, but trying their mouth-watering dark mochi is a must!

4. Genesis

Genesis is not just a restaurant but a ‘restaurant concept’. They are 100% plant-based fast-food and organic comfort food. You can go there with your friends and order from their selection of tacos for a night of conversation and food-sharing, or take your date there and order from their noodles menu. Their Char Kway Teow, which is a Malaysian street noodle, is my personal favourite. Genesis plays a nicely arranged theme and variations on their collection of burgers and hotdogs. Additionally, perhaps due to their exclusive use of avocado oil, their foods are always palatable and come with a rich and whole-bodied flavour.

5. Unity Diner

Unity Diner has managed to mix healthy and luscious food with an active support for animal rights. It is a non-profit eatery. All profits made go to the animal rights organisation, Surge. Located at 5 Hoxton Market, Unity Diner inherits the vibrance and vivaciousness of the area. This is the best place to try meat alternatives, cleverly named Torfish, Chikken, Steakk, and Cheeze. Their burgers are imaginative and succulent. The Surge Burger is made of cashew, mushroom and grilled courgette. In addition, they have a good selection of sweet and savoury options for breakfast. And if you have a sweet tooth, you are spoilt for choice: chocolate brownie, cherry and apple pie, ice cream sundae, and vegan cheesecake.