A LUSH IDEA: Culture Edition


Sundays are awful. It's scientifically proven. Ok, it's not. But majority of people feel awful. But fret not! We have come to help—almost. On the first and third Sunday of each month, we will curate cultural posts by the blogging community and art-related material by, um, artists, and will send them right to your inbox, so that you can sit comfortably on your favourite chair at home or in a café and read the edition to your cup of posh Darjeeling tea. These few carefully-selected articles are guaranteed to lighten up your Sunday and make life bearable in general. This is not because A LUSH IDEA is here. Nay. It is solely due to these inspired and inspiring artists-cum-bloggers splashing effervescent colours upon the drab, languid canopy of our existence.

You can read all the the curated posts in the edition in a day, or, and this is the recommended dose by doctors, read/view one post per day. However you read it, it is very imperative that you check your junk/spam folder and move us to your inbox, or mark us as not spam, or if you feel adventurous, even add us to your contacts. A LUSH IDEA will never spam you. Or just leave us there in the junk folder, for what is the point of life, if not futility and angst?

And in the end, had we but world enough and time, this coyness, our dear prospective subscriber, were no crime. So subscribe, read, and enjoy the fresh cultural breeze!