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How To Keep Warm in Cold Winters

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Winter has hit most of us hard this year. As a result of climate change and global warming, extreme weather is being experienced in many parts of the world. This means hotter summers and colder winters. And keeping warm has become an urgent and challenging task this freezing wintertime. If you think that it's all about putting on as many layers of warm clothes, wrapping up warm, and turning the thermostat or the heater up, then think twice! It's about using clever techniques and investing in heating devices that you probably didn't know about. So if you're fed up with shivering and feeling cold to your bones all the time then continue reading as this post is for you.

1. Wear A Raincoat

A rain jacket is something people wear in spring and autumn. You may think it's very thin and cold. Well you may be right, but only if it's worn on its own. Wear a raincoat over your ordinary jacket, and it will turn into a world-class heat preserver. The waterproof material not only will keep you dry, it will also prevent the heat generated by your body from escaping. So get your raincoat out from the back of your wardrobe, or go to the shops and buy a heavily discounted rain mac from the off-season section, and enjoy the warmth.

2. Wear See-through Tops and Nylon Shirts

Now that you know it's all about heat-preservation and good insulation, perhaps you aren't that surprised by this suggestion. Basically, every top that is not breathable and you couldn't wear during the last heat wave is now an ideal choice, and that includes most of see-through tops and nylon shirts. It's best to preserve the heat in the first and the last layers: nylon shirt, jumper, jacket, and then the raincoat, and at last you can go out and wait for the bus without cursing the cold. If you wear bras, they could help you keep warm during this cold season.

3. Invest in Electric Blanket

The elderly knew about this for far too long and never told the younger generations about it. An electric under-blanket is the only thing that will make your bed a spa! The feeling is identical to lying on a beach after the summer sun has warmed it up! It's very effective and affordable—you can buy an electric blanket for under £20. If your feet feel cold, an electric blanket will warm your toes up in matter of minutes. Just ensure you have a nice duvet, as electric under-blanket heats up whatever that it gets in contact with. So without something covering it, it simply won’t work. I recommend an electric blanket with three heat settings.

4. Adjust Curtains and Blinds

Draft is the most irritating thing at nights. Cold draft may go unnoticed, but it can cause headache, sinus pain, and nose congestion. As we sleep, the cold draft can agitate our sinuses and our respiratory tracts. Removing the cold draft is not as hard as you may think. You don’t even need to invest in DIY tools. Basically, you want to keep the cold draft between the window and the back of the curtain. If there is a window shelf at the bottom of your window, instead of letting the curtains hang below the shelf lay them on the shelf. Enjoy the peaceful night of sleep without the congested nose and the throbbing headaches.

5. Take Hot Long Showers

Ignore what everyone says about having a hot bath. Nothing like a hot shower can raise your body's core temperature. Plus, since you are standing up, your blood-circulation is running at a higher late, therefore your body produces and circulates more heat. You certainly know too well the times you are actually cold to your bones, and whatever you do your toes and fingers still remain frozen. Hop in the shower and have a long, sing-along-to shower. You can also buy a waterproof affordable portable Bluetooth wireless speaker, such as JBL Go 2, and meditate whilst in the shower. You’ll remain warm for hours after a hot shower.

6. Keep moving

If you’re outside and its freezing to the degree that you’re shivering, walk as fast as you can. Five minutes in and it will feel like a walk in the summertime (try it!). If you are at home and you can’t seem to be able to warm up, play a song and dance along. Feeling too old inside to dance? Hoover the flat or start cleaning your room. You’ll be amused how quickly your body will warm up.

7. Drink Tea and Hot Beverages

Never ever doubt the power of a cuppa. The warm liquid will warm up your mouth and your throat, and will be stored in your stomach, raising your core temperature from the inside. Additionally, plant-based hot beverages such as hazelnut chocolate and soya vanilla top up your body's calcium level and nutrients. Drinking a hot beverage is one of the quickest ways of warming up, but its effect wears off in less than an hour at best.

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