• Julia

Bad Days and Wasted Days: What's the Difference?

Woman screaming because of a bad day or a wasted day.

There are good days, the days that you remember fondly, or the ones that pass you by without brushing against you. There are also bad days and wasted days. But they are not exchangeable. You can have bad days that happen to be wasted days, as well as bad days that teach you something. If you are hurting and by the end of the day you still haven't learnt something from your hurt, then that day is wasted.

Taking something positive out of a bad day should become a habit. By something ‘positive’ I don’t mean something necessarily life-supporting, but pain-avoiding. Were you in agony because you tried something new? Were you hurting because of wrong expectations from yourself? Or were you in pain because you misunderstood the world around you? In the end, make a list of your realisations. A lesson learnt from a bad day makes it as worthwhile as a good day.