• Julia

7 Ideas for Selfcare

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Cat sleeping comfortably on its side whilst a human hand is caressing its head

1. Go for a walk. Lack of movement contributes to depression and anxiety. Try to go out even if you are not up for it. The faster the walk, the better you’ll feel.

2. Start a blog. But not just a blog, but a blog about something. Because when your blog has an aim, the whole blogging activity will bring a sense of purpose to your days.

3. Join a group. There are loads of them all over the town. Use Meetup to find them. Poetry evenings, reading groups, ukulele nights, walking tours, dance sessions, the list can go on! Not only will you have a fab time doing what you love, it’s also a great way of meeting likeminded people and finding new friends.

4. Install games on your phone and play on! At first, this might sound a waste of time, but you’ll see the benefits of it within half an hour! Just a few minutes of adrenaline-pumping excitement of playing Minions Rush, or the calming effect of The Sims Freeplay (Android and iOS), and you’ll find yourself hooked. Find your game and stick to it.

5. Read a newspaper. I don’t mean the depressing breaking news, but the newspaper sections such as art, culture, sports, celebrity, book review, science, or even gossip. You can download the Guardian app for your Android or your iPhone. Curl up in bed with a cuppa and read on!

6. Play an instrument. Bring out the old guitar or tune the abandoned piano and set time aside for practising new songs. If you can’t play an instrument it is worthwhile learning one. You can always start learning ukulele. It is an easy instrument and there are loads of YouTube videos to teach you how to play it instantly.

7. Try face masks. They are great and refreshing and will leave you with a comfortable sense of being on your own. I recommend the masks that last more than 15 minutes for a longer quality-time.