• Julia

21 Self-care Tips for Winter

Cute french bulldog under a blanket relaxing in bed.

Winter is here and we tend to stay home more often compared to the summertime. A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to illness and depression if not balanced with self-care methods for physical and mental well-being. Here is A Lush Idea's guide for self-care during winter:

1. Create a happy playlist on Spotify.

2. Do colouring in.

3. Learn a few Tai Chi moves on YouTube (start here).

4. Take a long hot shower with nice music in the background.

5. Read an easy book.

6. Go for a long fast walk.

7. Binge-watch a new comedy TV show on Netflix (how about Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, or The Good Place?).

8. Paint your nails.

9. Dye your hair a nice warm colour (make sure it's cruelty-free).

10. Call an old friend and catch-up over tea.

11. Create your tea collection.

12. Learn more about a scientific topic such as evolution.

13. Download a podcast app or use a podcast website (I recommend Castbox) and start listening to comedy podcasts.

14. Do your eyebrows.

15. Watch a couple of Ted talks and lectures.

16. Turn off your phone and read a magazine or newspaper cover to cover.

17. Do the endless general knowledge quiz (available for Android and iPhone/iPad).

18. Write a poem or a short story.

19. Create a WhatsApp group and invite your friends to participate.

20. Write to a pen pal (download Slowly for your phone).

21. Clean your room.

And relax . . .