• Julia

Top Independent Art Galleries in London

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Person with long straight hair and chequered blouse sits on a wooden chair at the middle of an art gallery. On the wall behind them, four paintings.

Laure Genillard Gallery

Laure Genillard Gallery is not just a gallery, but a gallery that has put philosophical and critical thinking at the centre of its exhibitions. Laure Genillard's solo exhibitions and groups exhibitions are intricately charged with philosophical perspectives towards art. Located at 2 Hanway Place, the gallery is very well-hidden on a serene street right behind the sound and fury of Oxford Street. It is a two-storey building, perfect for spending quality time and educating oneself about art. Laure Genillard Gallery has successfully showcased artists such as Lisa Milroy, Camilla Wills, and Oliver Mosset. Make sure you visit their website as they often have brilliant performance art evenings lined up by phenomenal artists and performers.

Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery

Established in 1988 by Rebecca Hossack, the gallery prides itself on bringing East and West together. The gallery is one of the pioneers of brining aboriginal art to London's art scene. With two branches in Fitzrovia (28 Charlotte Street and 2a Conway Street), Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery promotes not only established artists, but also emerging artists. If you are looking for a progressive gallery with lots of female and diverse artists in its oeuvre, Rebecca Hossack is a must-visit. It has hosted exhibitions by artists such as Carla Kranendonk, Rose Blake, and Tilemachos Kyriazatis.

Woolff Gallery

When it comes to exhibitions, The Woolff Gallery has a colourful and vibrant taste in choosing its artists. Most of Woolff Gallery's exhibitions are dedicated to mixed-media artists who create aesthetically pleasing artworks. The Woolff Gallery is famously immaculate in arrangement of artworks. Friendly staff and a very well-informed manager will ensure a pleasant and informative visit for art lovers and art collectors. Amongst their artists one could mention Lene Bladbjerg, Russell West, and The McGuires.

Edel Assanti

If you are looking for artworks with social and societal impacts, and artists who are conscious of their own location in the artistic tradition, look no further! Founded by Jeremy Epstein and Charlie Fellowes, Edel Assanti is effortlessly classy. It is a commercial gallery exhibiting artists who engage with their environments, epochal or geological, and reveal something unique about art and life. If you want two floors of finely curated exhibitions, head to 74A Newman Street and quench your artistic desire. Artists who've exhibited their works at Edel Assanti include Emma Cousin, Jodie Carey, and Dale Lewis.

Coningsby Gallery

Coningsby Gallery specialises in showcasing illustrators, graphic artists, and the practitioners of fine art. They are very eclectic when it comes to their groups exhibitions. Located behind Goodge Street Station at 30 Tottenham St, this small gallery is a delight to walk in. Often the artists reside there with their exhibitions, making it easier for art-buyers and art-lovers to get to know artists and their artworks. Alberto Repetti, Sandra Treagues, and Sarah Jones are but a few artists who have starred in this gallery.

Hollybush Gardens Gallery

Hollybush Gardens is a gallery at 1-2 Warner Yard, London. The location, a spacious multi-storey warehouse, can be seen as a tribute to Berlin's art spaces. From queer artists to digital design, Hollybush Gardens never disappoints. They have exhibited artists such as Charlotte Johannesson (a pioneer of digital art in Scandinavia), Bruno Pacheco, and Charlotte Prodger.

Pippy Houldsworth Gallery

Pippy Houldsworth Gallery is not just an exhibition space, but a place for art-related talks and events. With a treasure of progressive artists, the art gallery has established itself as a social hub showcasing forward thinking artists, especially young, emerging, female artists. Just ensure you check their events on their website, and head to 6 Heddon Street for an unforgettable artistic experience.